Cat sitting!

Never Alone Pets Cat Sitting service:

Our cat sitting service gives your kitty cat superstar

lots of love & attention.

Playtime with their favorite toys.

Fresh food and water each visit.

We clean the litter box each visit.

You will get updates by text msg or email with pics during our visit!

We can also bring your Mail, upon request.


   Popular Package:

      2 visits-Morning & Night:

                                                          Morning visit:

                                                    Btw- 7:30am - 10:45am

                                                         Night visit:

                                                    Btw- 5:00pm - 7:45pm

Food & freshwater, play time, LOVE, clean the litter box :) Each visit!

 (Please check availability)




Popular package $40.00

Regular visit $23.00

Medicine +$10.00

Holidays + $5.00


   Popular Package $45.00

Regular visit $30.00

Medicine +$10.00

Holidays +$10.00





Meet & Greet

To ensure a happy relationship is established with your cat and your cat sitter, Never Alone Pets requires one meet & greet prior to beginning any scheduled visits.

You must provide a copy of your keys on the day of the consultation.

If we need to pick up the keys after the meet & greet, we will charge you $10.00

If you plan to use our services more than once, it will be much better if you leave a copy of your keys with us. =)