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About us

Why choose us?

 My name is Damiana Biz Meiterman, and I'm the owner of Never Alone Pets.

Since I was born, I always had pets, so my love and respect for them have been a lifelong trait.

 In 2015, I started this company with all my love and passion. 

since then, we have been tremendously growing month by month! :) 

 Never Alone Pets is everything to me and my team. 

I love Pets like a family member; if you do too, we are the right service for you! :)

We have the Best Professionals in the area.



   Our name describe our business, with Never Alone Pets your pet will never feel alone!

   We are bonded and we are Insured by Pet sitters Associates.

   We don't charge anything extra for last minute requests.

   Our team is available 365 days a year​.

   Our walkers or sitters will send a real time updates in each walk or visit.

   We never cancel.


Our Dog Walkers and Cat Sitters are the best professionals in the area,  they are reliable and animal lovers, with excellent references and  HARD training  before they start working with us.

    We take the safety of your pet and the security of your home very seriously. 

   We will always try our best to make the walks and visits in the time you request, even with the last minute or changes in the regular schedule.

 ​  We are small local business, when you decide to go with Never Alone Pets you are not just hiring someone to help, you can really count on us.

Never Alone Pets was created to help pet owners to have peace of mind when they can't be there. 



 Damiana B.Meiterman & Never Alone Pets team.



Damiana M.

Owner of Never Alone Pets.

Meet & Greet

To ensure a Happy relationship is established with your dog or cat and your walker or your pet sitter, Never Alone Pets requires one meet & greet prior to beginning any scheduled walks.

You must provide a copy of your keys on the day of consultation.

Our Team
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